Adversity + Creation = Change

Adversity + Creation = Change

If you’re reading this, Congratulations. You have survived the 2012 Apocalypse. I’ve lived through at least five and expect I’ll see a few more in the years to come. Now that we’re done with obsessing over Destruction, perhaps we can focus on… Creation. As we close out 2012 (with all its tragedies and triumphs), I’d … Continue reading

Self-Defeating Beliefs (Part 4): Approval

We’ve arrived at Part 4 in our series on Self-Defeating Beliefs. Last time we tackled negative self-talk and the 21 Day Method for re-brainwashing ourselves. This time we’re going to tackle another, super-sneaky defeating belief: the illusion of approval. As some of you know, I used to be a right-wing fundamentalist. Part of it was … Continue reading

Self-Defeating Beliefs (Part 3): Nobody Cares

Welcome to Part 3 in our series on Self-Defeating Beliefs. Last time we tackled the fallacy that the Fates were against us, by realizing that obstacles are part of the journey and our job is to prepare for this and keep going. Today we’ll be digging our claws into another dream-stealing snare: Nobody Cares. Ever … Continue reading

Rules for Being Human

I was rummaging through some old books the other day, when I found this little gem (Rules for Being Human) folded neatly inside one of them. Whoever gave it to me got it from the Dreamstreet Bookstore in St. Augustine, FL. It was found on a refrigerator in Toronto, Author Unknown. Rules for Being Human … Continue reading