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I’m Denise. In 2014 my life fell apart in various ways. I did what all normal people do under such circumstances. I decided to sell or give away most of my possessions and hit the American highway. I called it a Quirky Vision Quest.

My original plan was to visit intentional communities (aka: communes) and maybe find one to call home. I envisioned myself feeding baby cows and spreading organic seeds… Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. I should have known better given my track record. A series of mishaps at my very first commune had me escaping at the break of dawn. I rolled into a Super 8, utterly disappointed, and looked at my Road Atlas. Now that my commune fantasy had crumbled, what was I going to do?

Go to Dollywood. Why not? Although I wouldn’t admit to it publicly, I enjoy (some) country music and have always loved Dolly Parton. I was only a few hours away… and I desperately needed some entertainment. So I hit the highway again, wondering what I would do after Dollywood. It’s not like I had a Plan B. I only had Plan A: live happily ever after in commune.

While I was romping around the touristy town of Pigeon Forge, TN– in fact, while I was inside a theater watching Conway Twitty and Elvis impersonators, my phone buzzed away in my purse. After the show I discovered a message from a woman with a sweet voice and a wonderful sense of humor. She invited me to come on out and meet a bunch of people, maybe help with the upcoming chili fundraiser and join them for game night.

It was a simple message, warm and welcoming. And it would change the course of my life.

The next morning I packed my bags and gassed up the car. Destination: Alabama.

I’ve been there ever since.


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