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Self-Defeating Beliefs (Part 4): Approval

We’ve arrived at Part 4 in our series on Self-Defeating Beliefs. Last time we tackled negative self-talk and the 21 Day Method for re-brainwashing ourselves. This time we’re going to tackle another, super-sneaky defeating belief: the illusion of approval. As some of you know, I used to be a right-wing fundamentalist. Part of it was … Continue reading

Self-Defeating Beliefs (Part 3): Nobody Cares

Welcome to Part 3 in our series on Self-Defeating Beliefs. Last time we tackled the fallacy that the Fates were against us, by realizing that obstacles are part of the journey and our job is to prepare for this and keep going. Today we’ll be digging our claws into another dream-stealing snare: Nobody Cares. Ever … Continue reading

Self-Defeating Beliefs (Part One): Punishment

I realize this blog has gotten dusty, as I’ve been tackling a big project. The good news is I’m back and going to try something new here. I’ll be doing a 5 part series on Beating the Self-Defeating Beliefs that Hold Us Back. It seems like good timing as we close 2012 and head into … Continue reading

Conquering Fear through Creativity

For years I used to think of fear as Fear. Meaning I didn’t get specific about it. I just called it fear. “Oh, it’s just fear,” I would tell myself, and I would push forward in an effort to overcome it. But as soon as I overcame one fear, another reared its ugly head. I … Continue reading

Beware of the Dream Stealers

Ever notice that when you’re on your game and the writing is good, someone in your life starts acting squirly? You might get sucked into a drama– and you can feel it, can’t you?– that big force sucking and sucking and sucking until you are completely drained and have nothing left to give the muses. … Continue reading