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Revision vs. Resistance (watch out, writers!)

If you’ve read Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art, then you know about Resistance. Pressfield believes Resistance is an actual force (invisible, implacable & impersonal) whose aim is to prevent us from doing our work. I happen to agree. I think it’s part of the Hero’s Journey of life. We get the Call to … Continue reading

Conquering Fear through Creativity

For years I used to think of fear as Fear. Meaning I didn’t get specific about it. I just called it fear. “Oh, it’s just fear,” I would tell myself, and I would push forward in an effort to overcome it. But as soon as I overcame one fear, another reared its ugly head. I … Continue reading

The Deadly Ruse of Perfectionism

I know too many people who get hooked into the idea that if their work isn’t flawless it must be crap. So until the book (screenplay, short film, opera) reaches 100% perfection it’s not worth putting out there. It’s a romantic notion in some ways, I suppose, but it’s also like the mythological Sirens, whose … Continue reading